My Top 10 Products for New Mommas & Baby!

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Hey guys! So I am a member of a ton of mommy groups on social media platforms, and the single most popular post that I see across the board goes something like this, “What are your MUST HAVES for a baby registry? I have no clue where to even start!” I’m with you, sister.

Before I had my son, I recall spending my breaks at work scrolling through Babylist registries, Facebook groups for new moms, Instagram feeds of moms that I follow, and The Bump articles, and feeling completely overwhelmed by all of the things. Honestly, who knew that such a small human would require such a vast amount of stuff?

I like to consider myself a big researcher when it comes to all things baby. We all want to give our babies the very best, but sometimes availability and accessibility, cost, and even just awareness of what is out there can keep us from getting just that.

In light of my son turning 1 this month, (HOW in the world did that happen?!) I have rounded up the 10 products that have made my first year as a momma easier and more fun! This post is not sponsored in any way, I just know a whole lot of mommy’s and mommy’s to be that may benefit from some of these products. They are not listed in any particular order, and range in price and availability. I have also linked where you can find them all online.

#1. The Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

Okay, I know I mentioned that these are not listed in order of most to least favorite, but I had to include this as my #1 because it has been such a lifesaver since my son was born. The name may throw you off, so let me explain. The aspirator basically has 3 parts - the mouthpiece, the tube, and the filter. Once the mouthpiece is in place, you place the tube against your child’s nostril to create a seal, and then - yep - you suck the mucus out! Since babies cannot physically blow their own noses, it’s up to us to help them out when they are congested, and this little device does the trick!

#2. Love to Dream Swaddle

I know there may be some mixed opinions about swaddling out there, but I don’t think I would have gotten more than an hour of uninterrupted sleep at a time without it when my son was an infant. In the hospital, the nurses would swaddle him perfectly in a muslin blanket, and still to this day I have no idea how they got it to stay so well. I was so happy I had brought my velcro swaddle to the hospital with me, because I could not get him back in as well as they could. Yet, when it came to those middle of the night diaper changes, the velcro swaddle proved to be too loud. And, around a month old, my son started to refuse having his arms down by his side, so I knew it was time to start researching arms up swaddles. The Love to Dream swaddle mimics a baby’s natural positioning in the womb and enables them to self-sooth with their hands as they are so accustomed to doing. It also enables free movement of their hips and legs, which traditional swaddles inhibit. Love to Dream has created a newborn to toddler system, from swaddling at 0-3 months, transitioning from swaddling at 3-9 months, and sleeping independently between 9-24 months.

#3. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

If you have been following along for a little while, then you have probably seen me post about my Tubby Todd AOO. Guys, the reviews on this product completely sold me when I was so desperately was looking for something to clear my son’s eczema about 6 months ago. It supposedly treated cradle cap and rough patches, so I gave it a try. And I swear, overnight my son’s skin cleared up! Amazing stuff. It is fragrance free and made with organic ingredients, so it is safe for even a newborn’s skin, but powerful enough for even my skin. (Yes, I use it too! It’s that good. Will never go without it.) Also, be sure to use my code for a 10% discount!

#4. Medela Breast Milk Cooler Set

If you are an exclusively breastfeeding mama, then feel free to skip this one and head down to #5. But, if you are an exclusive or occasional bottle feeding mama like me, this small bring-with-you-everywhere cooler is a must for your adventures out of the house with your milk-loving little one. It fits easily in my diaper bag or stroller and dries quickly after a cleaning. I have literally used this cooler set every single day for the last 11 months.

#5. Ergo 360 All Positions

As an extremely task-oriented and active person, I knew that having a baby carrier was going to be an essential as my son grew. The Ergo 360 All Positions was the favorite amongst my mom tribe, and for good reason. It can be used from infancy to toddlerhood as a result of its flexible inward and outward positioning and ability to be used in forward carry and back carry modes. The Ergo 360 is incredible to have on hand when my son isn’t in the mood to be in his stroller. He is instantly calm and wide eyed on busy Manhattan streets or Siesta Key beaches because he feels safe, secure, and eye-level to others. Or, maybe you feel like a wrap carrier may be better for you and your little one. Every body is different, so I recommend visiting your local baby store to try on their baby carriers so you can get a feel for the different styles and varieties available.

#6. Braun No Touch Digital Forehead Thermometer

When my little one has been unexplainably fussy or sick, having a thermometer on hand has given me the much-needed reassurance and answers I have needed without having to go to a doctor. Braun makes checking his temperature a breeze, with its touch and no touch modes (meaning you can take your child’s temperature without waking them up, hallelujah!) Braun takes the guess work out of temperature taking with its simple guided system, large display, and color coded readings.

#7. Glopals

Just for fun, I included our newest favorite addition to our nightly bath time routine: Glopals! Coming in 5 bright colors, these pals only become activated when submerged in water! Sensory play and learning for the win! And another win? Each purchase of Glopals directly supports Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. A commonly asked question - are they safe? They were sized purposefully to not be a choking hazard and any electronics are sealed within BPA and phthalates free plastic.

#8. Ubbi Diaper Pail

An essential for every nursery, this diaper pail is made of steel and utilizes a childproof sliding door to minimize the spread of odors. Another plus is the convenience and value of utilizing any household trash bag or reusable liner. And it comes in 12 colors. Need I say more?

#9. Nuna Diaper Bag

Not only do I love the Amsterdam-based brand, Nuna, for their car seats - first the Pipa and now the big boy Rava - but for their amazing diaper bag. Coming in black and grey, the bag is partner friendly and can be carried as a backpack, crossbody, or over the shoulder. It comes with a clutch diaper changing pad and an insulated bottle bag, both essentials that I didn’t know I needed until Nuna invented them. Its sleek design fits a 13in laptop sleeve and has an integrated luggage sleeve, so it can be used well beyond the baby years.

#10. Lovevery Play Gym

Last but certainly not least, the center of playtime, every time, the Lovevery mat. As a Montessori teacher at heart, I wanted to help foster my son’s development from infancy. I began to look for a play mat that would not only be stimulating, fun, and aesthetically pleasing, but educational as well. The Lovevery Play Gym is not designed by a toy company, but by child development experts! It includes a learn to focus section where your newborn can gaze at high contrast black and white images, in mirrors, or photos of everyday objects. The Play Gym also features a making sounds section, an exploring colors section, a hiding and finding section, and a how things feel section. Best of all, the experts at Lovevery include a helpful booklet full of ideas on how to intentionally stimulate and play with your growing baby from month to month.

Well, there they are! My 10 go-to products for any expecting or new mommas. If you have any questions about anything I have included here, please drop me a comment or a message, I would love to hear from you!