My why.

I have chosen to officially launch my website today in honor of International Women’s Day! I have worked so incredibly hard on putting this together, (along with the help of my amazing friend Kelly,) and it is time to finally share it with you guys!

But WHY?

Why all the hard work? Why am I doing all of this? I think that knowing your “why” and hiding it in your heart is the best thing you can do for yourself as an employee, business owner, independent contractor - whatever you do! Because, no matter what field or season of life you are in, the long, hard, disappointing days will come - and it is on those days that we must remember why we are doing what we are doing in the first place.

A moment of transparency - my pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum period were, at times, extremely lonely and isolating. Homelife was unsteady. My pregnancy was not planned, and the fears of the unknown future was extremely great at times. Thankfully, childbirth classes helped ease my anxieties about labor, birth, and postpartum.

Yet, when I met my doula in my third trimester, I finally felt seen in my worries and fears. My wishes for my labor and birth were heard and I felt confident in my own body’s ability to do what it needed to do. My doula boosted my self esteem during an extremely vulnerable time, answered any questions I had, and connected me to necessary resources. I am forever grateful for her.

So, here’s my why. In becoming a doula, I wish to help pregnant women connect with an inner strength that they sometimes can forget that they posses. I wish to help partners in the labor room feel confident in their ability to help their laboring loved one. I wish to help siblings feel connected to their new brother or sister. I wish to help new moms and dads overcome the obstacles that those first days at home with a newborn can bring. I wish to make a difference in families. And, lastly, I want my son to grow up seeing his mother do what she is passionate about.

I am grateful to DONA International for giving me the tools I need to prosper in this field and to Nicky Quick & Co for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to start as a postpartum doula with minimal experience. I am grateful to my family and close friends who have been so supportive during this transitional time and who have helped me with my son for countless hours (it truly takes a village.) And I am grateful for my current and future clients, thank you for entrusting me with caring for you and those most precious to you. You all are truly amazing.

All the doula love,