Anyone would be lucky to hire Ann as their doula. She was super supportive throughout our pregnancy and helped keep me calm and focused during labor. She made sure all my needs were met and tried as much as possible under the scary circumstances to make sure I had the birth I had imagined. Even through I couldn’t labor out of bed and use positions I’d practiced or hydrotherapy due to my preeclampsia being so bad, she kept making requests to the nurses to see what could be done as alternative options. She set up my mood lighting, essential oils, and put on music I liked, kept feeding me ice chips, and fanned me.


I labored without any pain medication, so she kept me focused during the pushing stage when I thought about giving up. We were in that room 6 hours, but Ann helped the time go by fast by reminding me of my goal and the purpose of the pain I was experiencing. She knew how important my faith is to me, so she even prayed with me before I went to the delivery room and kept reminding me of verses and God’s guidance throughout the labor. I am just so grateful we found Ann and she was able to be a part of our birth story.  Laura, Arcadia, Birth Client