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Virtual Doula Support Package
(2 Prenatal Meetings, Continuous Labor Support, and
1 Postpartum Followup):

A virtual doula is a fully-functioning labor coach that can support you emotionally and informationally via 100% electronic communication. As a virtual doula, I can offer support to families during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum - anywhere in the world! The full virtual doula support package includes everything I would typically   offer my in-person clients, including the following: two prenatal meetings to help you create a birth plan, discuss your patient options and rights in-hospital or out, and a mini childbirth education class, continuous labor support via phone or zoom, and one postpartum follow-up meeting for birth processing, feeding and newborn education, and connecting families to additional resources.


"Doula in your Pocket"

This service allows you to have access to a certified birth and postpartum doula whenever you need one! As your “Doula in Your Pocket,” you will have 4 continuous weeks of unlimited emails, calls, and texts with me! During these 4 weeks, we can have two one-hour zoom calls to discuss any of the following topic suggestions: birth and postpartum preparation, overcoming fear, pain management, medical interventions, labor positions, postpartum healing, and more! You will also gain access to my editable birth plan template.


Doula Mentoring
1:1 Birth Planning Session
(2 Hours)

If you are a new or aspiring doula, this service is for you if: you are overwhelmed by all of the tasks associated with launching your doula business (choosing a creative business name, registering your business, creating a website…) you need help figuring out ways to attract your ideal clients, you are tired of spending hours creating social media content that does not generate leads with clients, or you are wondering how to structure your business, what to do at prenatal meetings, and how to set up contracts. Together we will identify your short and long term goals as a doula and the action steps needed to successfully achieve them, brainstorm ways to combat any obstacles you are currently facing, like not knowing how to market yourself, or worrying about the inability to be on-call 24/7, and create a step-by-step plan on how to effortlessly navigate into the world of birth work.

This service is for families who may not want to commit to hiring a doula, but who could benefit from a personalized session with one! During this 2 hour,
1-on-1 birth planning session, you can expect to receive evidence-based answers to all of your questions surrounding the labor process, anatomy and physiological birth, pain management, labor positions, medical interventions, pushing techniques, postpartum healing, and more! You will also gain access to my editable birth plan template.

$100/2 Hour Session


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