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Ann Morris Doula Services: Featured In...

Over the last few years working as a doula, I have had the honor of being interviewed by a number of incredible organizations, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and magazines. Check out the descriptions and links below to learn more about my professional journey as a business owner, my personal birth stories, and the many reasons why I am passionate about serving pregnant and postpartum families.

Canvas Rebel Magazine creates a space for artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to be able to learn from their peers through the magic and power of storytelling. In this article, I share about the mission behind Ann Morris Doula Services, why, and how I serve the families the way that I do.

The Sarasota Moms are a local mom-run community resource website serving Sarasota County and surrounding areas. Their goal is to serve as a hyper local resource for families in Sarasota, Florida to find helpful information in one place. In this lighthearted interview, I share about my hobbies, what I love most about being a doula, and my favorite piece of advice that I have ever received from another mom.

Birth Matters NYC smooths the transition of becoming a parent by building the foundations for birthing and parenting with confidence. Lisa Taylor will always hold a very special place in my heart because she was my childbirth educator during my first pregnancy, and was the person who initially taught me about doulas! In this podcast episode, I share about my first birth experience (spoiler alert: it involved a frantic call to 911 and an ambulance ride to the hospital!) the breastfeeding challenges I faced, and about how my birth inspired me to pursue doula work.

Voyage Tampa is a new type of media that authentically represents the communities that interviewees serve and ensure that their voices jump off the page! In this blogpost, I share a breakdown of the in's and out's of my doula business, the biggest challenge I have had to overcome as a small business owner, and my favorite books, apps, and podcasts.

Birth Journeys is a podcast that shares positive birth stories and encourages others that birth is a beautiful, natural, and amazing experience! In this podcast episode, I share about my second birth experience (my first home birth,) how choosing the right care provider for pregnancy and birth can make all the difference, and tips for achieving a natural birth.

Do you have a podcast, a blog, or an online publication in the realm of motherhood, birth, postpartum, or entrepreneurship? If so, let's collaborate! I am actively looking to partner with other small business owners in this way. Drop me an email over at 🫶🏽

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