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Updated: Jun 10

Over the last few years working as a doula, I have had the honor of being interviewed by a number of incredible organizations, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and magazines. Check out the descriptions and links below to learn more about my professional journey as a business owner, my personal birth stories, and the many reasons why I am passionate about serving pregnant and postpartum families.

Canvas Rebel Magazine creates a space for artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to be able to learn from their peers through the magic and power of storytelling. In this article, I share about the mission behind Ann Morris Doula Services, why, and how I serve the families the way that I do.

The Sarasota Moms are a local mom-run community resource website serving Sarasota County and surrounding areas. Their goal is to serve as a hyper local resource for families in Sarasota, Florida to find helpful information in one place. In this lighthearted interview, I share about my hobbies, what I love most about being a doula, and my favorite piece of advice that I have ever received from another mom.

Birth Matters NYC smooths the transition of becoming a parent by building the foundations for birthing and parenting with confidence. Lisa Taylor will always hold a very special place in my heart because she was my childbirth educator during my first pregnancy, and was the person who initially taught me about doulas! In this podcast episode, I share about my first birth experience (spoiler alert: it involved a frantic call to 911 and an ambulance ride to the hospital!) the breastfeeding challenges I faced, and about how my birth inspired me to pursue doula work.

Voyage Tampa is a new type of media that authentically represents the communities that interviewees serve and ensure that their voices jump off the page! In this blogpost, I share a breakdown of the in's and out's of my doula business, the biggest challenge I have had to overcome as a small business owner, and my favorite books, apps, and podcasts.

Birth Journeys is a podcast that shares positive birth stories and encourages others that birth is a beautiful, natural, and amazing experience! In this podcast episode, I share about my second birth experience (my first home birth,) how choosing the right care provider for pregnancy and birth can make all the difference, and tips for achieving a natural birth.

The Birth Tide is a podcast by Karissa Stoner, a Birth Doula located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The Birth Tide podcast’s mission is to help women get prepared, informed, and excited to have an awesome birth. Karissa interviews birth professionals and mothers to discuss various pregnancy related topics and personal birth stories. In this podcast episode, I share about how I prepared for my homebirth, such as implementing Webster certified chiropractic care, utilizing the Christian Hypnobirthing Faith-Filled Childbirth course with my husband, listening to others’ positive birth stories on podcasts such as the Happy Homebirth podcast, and reading informative books such as Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth. I also shared about my immediate postpartum experience and how it differed from my care in the hospital when I had my first son.

The Christian Hypnobirthing app contains Scripture-based audio tracks to help expecting mothers feel calm and relaxed during their pregnancies, births, and postpartum journeys. It also contains inspiring blog posts and positive birth stories. The Faith Filled Childbirth Course contains video content pertaining to relaxation techniques, tips on overcoming fear, ways to physically prepare for birth, facts and research that help you make informed and confident decisions, and how to feel more connected to God and your baby throughout pregnancy and labor. This was a great tool for my husband and I during my second pregnancy as it encouraged us to have conversations about our upcoming birth and also ensured we were on the same page when it came to my desires and goals. For 20% off, use the code ANN. In this blogpost, I share about the homebirth of our second son, Maverick.

Delivered is a podcast by Kecia Sheahan, a Certified personal Trainer located in Ontario, Canada. Delivered is dedicated to sharing a variety of real and beautiful birth stories, with the goal of helping expecting families prepare for their birth experience by hearing the different, unexpected, and miraculous ways that babies can enter the world directly from other women. In this podcast episode, I share about how I prepared for my home birth, tips for how to encourage a baby to engage in the pelvis, the differences between forced pushing and laboring down, and what I am most proud of within my

motherhood journey.

In this Q&A episode, I answer the following listener-submitted questions in depth:

-What are my favorite resources for learning about breathwork and Hypnobirthing?

-What are some tips for incorporating going to the bathroom during labor?

-What is my favorite home birth hack?

-How can you help family and friends understand your choice to do a home birth, or at least a blanket statement that can help YOU remain confident in that choice?

-Do I recommend birthing at home, in a hospital, unmedicated, with a doula, or another option?

-What if something goes wrong at a home birth? (Hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, retained placenta, etc?)

-At which point in labor should you expect your doula to join?

Shoutout Atlanta is part of the Los Angeles based Voyage Group of Magazines and their flagship publication, VoyageLA, was started in 2015. Their mission is to help change the way that people spend money. They desire to see people spend more of their money with mom-and-pops, small businesses, independent artists, and creatives. Shoutout Atlanta thinks that one of the most powerful ways to encourage this is by putting small business creatives at the center of discussions designed to spark conversation within the community. In this interview, I have the opportunity to share a bit of the behind the scenes of my life as a doula living in Atlanta - like what my work/life balance currently looks like, what sets my business apart from others, who I credit for helping me succeed in the doula space, and where I’d take an out of town guest who was visiting me in Atlanta!

Brooklynn Donnay is a birth doula located in Michigan who is passionate about educating and supporting women through pregnancy and birth. One of the ways she does so is by sharing birth stories on her blog, Honest Mama Birth. I had the opportunity to share both of my birth stories with her community of Michigan mamas. Click here to read Part 1: "An ambuulance ride through NYC to welcome her first baby with an unmedicated birth." Click here to read Part 2: "A home birth."

Do you have a podcast, a blog, or an online publication in the realm of motherhood, birth, postpartum, or entrepreneurship? If so, let's collaborate! I am actively looking to partner with other small business owners in this way. Drop me an email over at 🫶🏽

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