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Considering Becoming a Doula?! Read this first!

One of the most common questions that I have been receiving recently is some variation of… “How do I become a doula?”

Exhibit A 🤪

I am a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula through DONA International. I chose this organization back in 2018, as it was touted as the longest standing doula training organization in the United States, thus holding the most credibility of all other programs available at the time. I also learned that some hospitals would ONLY allow DONA certified doulas. 😱 So this is what ultimately led me to attend 2 3 day in-person Birth and Postpartum Doula trainings. There was a ton of great information shared during those 3 day trainings, and I walked away from both with a handful of new friends that were equally as passionate about birth as I was.

However, looking back in hindsight, I realize now that there was only so much that could be covered within those 3 days, which left me with more questions about how to run a successful doula business than answers.

And where do we turn to for answers most of the time in this digital age? Social media and Google, of course! I found Kyleigh Banks in 2020 through her Instagram account @theautonomymommy and was immediately drawn to her authenticity as a person and passion for birth-work.

She was also the first person who unashamedly encouraged doulas to avoid burnout by supplementing their in-person work by offering online programs, such as selling e-books, hosting webinars, or creating  courses to sell passively. I truly felt drawn to this way of thinking, and that is what ultimately led me to purchase her Childbirth Educator Training Program and incorporate it into my in-person doula practice, as well as become a member of the Birthworker Community Membership.

So, I wanted to share some of my favorite resources with you guys that will help turn your passion for all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum into your dream career!

Birthworker Academy is a comprehensive 12 month doula mentorship and certification program. In this program, you will learn: how to become a conscious leader in the birth community, information on physiological birth, interventions, and evidence-based care, all the ways to support your clients as a full spectrum doula, and advanced business skills like honing in on your niche, building an authentic brand, and creating financial freedom for your family.

This is truly the only doula training and business mentorship program that will teach you how to build a

successful doula career… without sacrificing late-night snuggles with your baby,

date night with your hubby, or family vacations!

Get ready for an in-depth walk through every single step of setting up your in-person doula business!

We’ll kick off this course by exploring all the different services you can offer as a birthworker, including, but not limited to: birth & postpartum support, virtual support, private & group coaching, placenta services, birth photography, and hosting in-person events!

Kyleigh will also help you nail down your offers, set up your packages, and price your services!

The Doulapreneur Method includes all of the support, guidance, training, tutorials, and templates you need to create consistent income online. By joining the Doulapreneur Method, you get immediate access to the following: the comprehensive course "The Doulapreneur Method," 12 months of daily support inside a private members-only community, new business workshops monthly, bi-weekly Q&A sessions with your business coaches, monthly small group strategy sessions with Kyleigh, and access to live workshops with expert guest speakers.

Being a part of The Doulapreneur Method will help you to...

  • Create an organized business that impresses even the most advanced entrepreneur

  • Build a website that effortlessly attracts your dream clients…

  • Become the BEST copywriter you’ve ever known…

  • Grow your social media audience like cray-cray…

  • Start an email list and sell your online offers in your sleep…

  • And more!

The Birthworker Community Membership is the only place to get: personalized expert coaching 3x per week, 24/7 feedback from other business-minded birth workers, and all of the step-by-step systems to serve MORE women while working less. Get coached by experts, collaborate with other visionary birth workers, and grow your birth-focused business like never before inside the Birthworker Community Membership! See you on the inside. :)

The Childbirth Educator Training Program is everything you need to plan, create, and sell your very own childbirth education programs. This is a completely customizable childbirth education curriculum rooted in autonomy. Each topic includes done-for-you video lesson scripts, client handouts, and 100% customizable Canva presentation slides for you to mix, match, and curate into the perfection childbirth education offer for your community. This is the same curriculum I personally teach my in-person doula clients, I highly recommend it!

The Three Secrets to Growing a Wildly Successful Doula Business

Free live Masterclass and Q&A EVERY Tuesday at 1:00 PM EST!

Get ready to dive into: the framework to level up your doula packages so you can attract your dream clients without having to use sleazy sales strategies, how to build passive income streams (even without prior experience) so you can still make an income even when you’re not “on call," and the best tips and proven strategies (the exact ones Kyleigh's students use) to make money every month without leaving your couch or lifting a finger!

Birthworker Podcast - THE Business Podcast for Doula Entrepreneurs

Last but not least is the Birthworker Podcast, which I religiously listen to every week! Kyleigh and her special guests share so many invaluable tips on her weekly podcast episodes, and she also answers listener-submitted questions - an aspect I personally love because I can relate to so many of the questions that are asked.

I hope these resources help you in your journey towards making this dream a reality! As always, if you have any questions, leave me a comment or send me a DM over on my Instagram!

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