The Birth Location Bag Checklist you NEED!

Your due date is fast approaching, and you want to feel as prepared as possible - so you start to pack your birth location bag. But, WHAT do you bring?! Packing your bag can be one of the last things on your to-do list before your baby arrives, and I want to help you take any of the guesswork out of it!

I want to preface this list by saying… if you are planning to birth in a hospital, most hospitals provide you with the following:

-Birth ball/Peanut ball


-Mesh underwear

-Icepack pads

-Nipple cream



-Swaddle blanket

-Velcro swaddle

However, hospitals vary region by region. Call your local hospital’s Labor and Delivery unit before you go into labor to find out exactly what they will send you home with. If your hospital does not provide a birth ball/peanut ball, pads, mesh underwear, icepack pads, nipple cream, diapers, wipes, or swaddles, then you should add these to the following list accordingly.

For Mom…


-2 Copies of Birth Plan (one for your care provider and one for your baby's nurse!)

-Double Electric Breast Pump (let-down releases oxytocin, great for a stalled or slowed down labor and can be used immediately in the Postpartum unit if issues arise with nursing.

-Massage Tools


-Tea Lights/Christmas Lights

-Bluetooth Speaker

-Small Handheld Fan - I love this one because it can attach to the hospital bed for a hands-free cool down, and then can be used for your baby's stroller after the birth!

-Essential Oils & Small Diffuser (peppermint for nausea, lavender for relaxation, clary sage for an increase in intensity and duration of contractions.)


-2 Comfortable Shirts (ones that fit when you were 6-7 months pregnant.)

-2 Loose Pairs of Shorts/Pants (ones that fit when you were 6-7 months pregnant.)

-2 Nursing bras

-Nursing Pads (reusable or disposable.)

-Comfortable Outfit for Car-Ride Home

-Long Cellphone Charger (the charging outlets are typically far from the bed!)

-Slippers or 2 Pairs of Fuzzy Socks

-Comfortable Pair of Shoes

-Shower Shoes

-Travel-Sized Shampoo and Conditioner

-Toothbrush & toothpaste

-Hairbrush & 2-3 Hairties


-Glasses or contacts



For Dad…

-2 Shirts

-2 Pairs of Shorts/Pants

-2 Sets of Underwear

-2 Pairs of Socks

-1 Sweatshirt


-Shower Shoes (if he plans to shower)

-Glasses or Contacts (if needed)

-Toothbrush & Toothpaste



For Baby…

-Carseat installed in Car

-Newborn Sized Outfit for Car-ride Home (weather/seasonal dependent)

-2 Pairs of Socks (they get lost easily!)

-Small Hat

-1 Pair of Baby Mittens


-Small Swaddle Blanket

I hope this concise list is helpful for you! If you feel like this list is missing something, leave a comment below!